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He specialized mostly in antiques, however he worked on many restorations as well as built custom made furniture. In 1985, he was hired to restore the antique furniture in the Parliament Building of Budapest, Hungary. The furniture was called Russian Rococo and was completely unique. It contained 24K gold plated pieces and was estimated to have a value of $135,000CAD in 1985. In 1988, he left Hungary with his wife and three young children in pursuit of a better life in Ontario, Canada. When he arrived, he registered a business under the name of “Alt European Antique Upholstery”. While he worked on building his business in his spare time, he worked full time for Joan and Brian’s Upholstery in Hamilton, Ontario, doing upholstery and woodworking. He worked there for two years, only to leave when he launched his business full-time in the east end of Hamilton. In 1992, he changed locations to the current address, where he continues to provide outstanding service in upholstery, woodworking and restorations. He dropped the word “Antique” from his business name, only to inform current and future customers that he does not limit his services to antiques.
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